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Topics: World Wide Web, History of the Internet, Tim Berners-Lee Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: May 27, 2013
The modern world changes very quickly because people want to make it better for themselves. Since the end of the XX century people in many respects depended on electricity and cars. In it there are also pluses. First our life became much more comfortable than ever, in - the second any information which can be necessary for us is available and we can receive it irrespective of time and much quicker than earlier. We without fail carry the Internet to number of such conveniences. The world wide web unites many functions thanking which the person can remain educated in all affairs occurring around, sociable, and simply intellectual personality. Using the Internet, I can congratulate my friends on a holiday where they were. We can ask each other about the help, encourage each other if we have problems. On the other hand, since I started using the Internet, I began to communicate less with people face to face. The Internet in every respect helps me with study. Using the Internet, I can ask my acquaintance from other country for the help, will call it. All these things are so constant today that I can't present my life without them. Of course, internet gives me an opportunity to get a good education. In particular, the Internet makes my studying at the University easier.T hanks to the Internet, I am so close to my relatives and friends, more than ever earlier. I can find any information which is necessary to me. On the other hand, if we rely on the advantages on internet too much, there are several negative aspects of this process. And therefore one of big and significant shortcomings of the Internet are social networks, chats, various dating sites and many other things. All this "aspects of internet life" absorb any inquisitiveness of the person entirely sending him to the power of these sites, thereby blocking any his interest to reading informative information. Besides if to generalize all impact which the equipment has on the person, it is possible to draw a...
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