Arizona Statehood and Constitution: Cities of Cibola

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Running Header: Arizona Statehood and Constitution

Arizona Statehood and Constitution
Jessica L Fiedler
Grand Canyon University
POS 301
October 27, 2012

Part I: Arizona Statehood
Arizona became the 48th state of the union on February 14, 1912, the last of the lower continuous states to join the nation. Despite this Arizona has archaeological evidence dating back thousands of years which leads some to believe it is one of the oldest states to be continually populated, long before Europeans inhabited the Americas. After Columbus discovered the Americas all the great powers of Europe were trying to gain new land. Arizona became a prize to be won early on with the first to control her being Spain. Throughout the years Arizona was also dominated by Mexico before coming under U.S. control and eventually becoming a state. The Preterritorial Period PRE-1539

Arizona’s archeological evidence shows proof that nomadic people lived in the Arizona area long before cultivation was possible as early as 15,000 years ago. The people living in the area hunted the large game that roamed the area and gathered things like nuts and berries. Once the animals began to die off and they were able to grow crops three groups became the first permanent settlers of the area, the Anasazi, the Hohokam and the Mogollon. (McClory, 2010) Throughout the years major towns began to develop along with above ground housing, religious ceremonies and trading centers. Around 1100 cities and towns started being abandoned with no reason able to be decided on. (Weir, N.D.) The Spanish Period 1539-1821

Spain became the first country to control present day Arizona. In 1539 while in an advance party from a scouting expedition Estevan, a slave, become the first known non-Native American person to step into what is now known as Arizona. Fray Marcos de Niza’s expedition was to find the Seven Cities of Cibola which were rumored to be full of treasures. Once the party reached the first city they...
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