Arithmetic Mean and Central Tendency

Topics: Arithmetic mean, Mean, Mode Pages: 3 (816 words) Published: November 14, 2012
Week Five Discussion
This Discussion will give you the opportunity to calculate or identify the three measures of central tendency. You will be asked to select an appropriate real life situation in which one measure would be more appropriate than the other two measures of center. 1. Select a topic of interest to you and record the topic in your posting, for example: “What is the average number of hours people watch TV every week?” Make sure the question you ask will be answered with a number, rather than answers with words. What is the average number of hours people read every week?

2. Write a hypothesis of what you expect your research to reveal. Example: Adults 21 years and over watch an average of 2.5 hours of TV per day. On average, people read about 15 hours per week.

3. Sample at least fifteen people and record their data in a simple table or chart; study the examples from Section 12-3. PERSON| AGE| GENDER| HOURS READ PER WEEK|
1| 17| F| 8|
2| 16| F| 10|
3| 14| F| 5|
4| 37| M| 4|
5| 38| F| 20|
6| 33| F| 5|
7| 22| F| 30|
8| 52| F| 30|
9| 40| F| 18|
10| 21| M| 3|
11| 16| F| 14|
12| 13| M| 5|
13| 36| F| 25|
14| 27| F| 20|
15| 43| F| 25|

4. You can gather your data at work, on the phone, or via some other method. This is your “Sampling Design.” Which of the four sampling techniques best describes your design? Out of the four sampling techniques, the one that I believe best describes my design would be the random sample method.

5. Explain in moderate detail the method you used to gather your data. In statistics this venture is called the “Methodology.” The method I used to gather my data is from my Facebook friends. I do not venture out much so I was going to have a better chance gaining information that way. So, I posted that I needed information on how many hours a week that they read and their age. 6. Make sure you break your...
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