Argumentive Essay: Pro Terrorist Torture

Topics: Human rights, Prisoner of war, Osama bin Laden Pages: 5 (1765 words) Published: November 11, 2012
September 11, 2001, is a moment frozen in time. It was on this day that the world seemed to stop turning, and its course would never be the same again. It was the day of the largest organized attack on American citizens that took the lives of 2,976 innocent everyday people (attention grabber).It not only destroyed buildings, it destroyed lives. Not only the innocent lives of the thousands murdered in the burning buildings were destroyed, but the lives of their families were destroyed, and their hearts became filled with hurt and loss. As a result of this unthinkable attack on our country, the lives of thousands of American Soldiers and their families would soon be affected as well The war that 9/11 spun Americans and the rest of the world into was not a regular war in a regular country with regular soldiers. This war was one in which our brave men and women took on a radical religious band of terrorists who hide in caves, hide behind women and children, and strap bombs to themselves just to harm and terrorize others. These people continue to threaten American safety and liberty each and every day and were responsible for the most bloodshed on American soil in a single act of war. These people want nothing more than to harm innocent people and their families and will stop at nothing to do so. So when these terrorists who wear no uniforms and claim no country are captured, some argue that they deserve to be treated humanely. The fact is, they have information that could save thousands of American lives. However, they are so passionate about their cause; such information is not easily obtained. Therefore, the United States has the right to torture prisoners of war (suspected terrorists) in order to acquire vital information that is required to protect our country and its citizens. Terrorists are not regular soldiers in a regular war. They do not even merit POW (prisoner of war) status as stated by the Geneva Convention passed by the United Nations and approved by the Supreme Court. Colin Powell stated that “bestowing POW status on detainees who do not meet the clear requirements of the Geneva Convention would undermine the rule of law giving equal protections and privileges to all combatants regardless to their respect to the law.” This is not a regular war because we are not fighting against a country; we are fighting religious extremists. Terrorists are not part of an organized military, have no uniforms, and do not represent a country or legitimate state, and therefore, are not protected nor deserved to be protected under the Geneva Convention. Despite the agreed Geneva Convention, this nine-year war has resulted in different opinions on how protocol should be run halfway across the globe in our country. A very prominent issue between politicians today is the issue of torture. Torture sounds like a horrible word, and when spoken the thought of inhumane treatment, pain, and misery come to mind. But there are different forms and types of torture that are not so cruel. The United States has been accused of using a form of torture on suspected terrorists known as stress and duress. But this form of torture is, as defined by the Supreme Court, neither inappropriate nor inhumane by any means. (establish credibility/ source #2, quote supreme court) “Stress and duress is a form of torture that includes: psychological and physical pressure on suspects through methods such as sleep deprivation, covering head with hood to cause disorientation, and pinning prisoners in uncomfortable positions for hours.” This is considered a form of torture. It is sad to think that American citizens who are more worried about being politically correct than the safety of our country and their friends and neighbors are speaking out against these insignificant pushes that soldiers perform on prisoners of war. Videos come out from Iraq and Afghanistan of terrorists slowly cutting off the heads of our brave men and...
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