Argumentative on Obesity

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  • Published : February 5, 2013
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Mrs. Kleine
Comp 1
27 Nov. 2012
Obesity? Is it a disease or a Lifestyle?
Problem Statement
Less than half of Americans struggle with obesity today, but it is credited with causing over sixty known diseases. Whereas obesity is not a disease, it does cause myriads of health risks. Our bodies are very complex systems, and they need to be taken care of. When people do not properly care for their bodies, they begin to have too much fat on their bodies which puts them at high risk for detrimental health issues. Obesity has become an epidemic across our country, and it is time that people start caring about their health. Background

Obesity has been a problem in America for centuries. In 1940 the first McDonalds opened and you start to see the trend of obesity slowly rise. As more fast food franchises started to open the trend increased even more. By 1970 the rate of obesity in children more than tripled for 17%, and the rate of obesity in adults doubled from fifteen percent (“Do fast food restaurants contribute to obesity?” 1) Now in the 21st century adult obesity rates have jumped to thirty percent. By 2030, the obesity rate of adults in America is expected to take a drastic jump up to 60 percent (“Causes, incidents, and risk factor” 2). Thesis

Obesity should not be considered a disease because it is a lifestyle a person chooses to live, a person’s metabolic rate is often affected by the lifestyle that a person lives, and an obese person can prevent becoming that big by participating in an appropriate amount of physical activity to keep their weight under control. Arguments

A person has a choice about what to eat and whether they choose to exercise or not. Obesity is caused by an excess amount of fat on a person’s body. Obesity can be caused by eating more food than your body can handle, drinking alcohol, or not participating in physical exercise (“Causes, Incidents, and Risk Factors” 1).

Being obese is not a disease because it is completely controllable....
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