Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Hamburger Pages: 5 (2189 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Jacob Malka
Darlene Hilton Bird
English 155
May 5, 2010
Don’t Eat That Burger!
In today’s day and age, the chains of fast food restaurants are growing and increasing at an alarming rate. As a result, a race has emerged. This race is not one where cars are to cross a finish line, but a race to see which restaurants can make the cheapest priced food while maximizing their profits. These fast food restaurants provide the consumers, to which they cater to, with tasty calorie dense food that is unhealthy, and consumed on a regular basis. All of these variables have resulted in the obesity pandemic that we are fighting today. It is twelve o’clock on a Monday. Lunchtime has arrived and you see most of the employees in the office go out to lunch at the closest and cheapest restaurant. They walk into the burger king across the street from their office and order a hamburger, french-fries, and a coca-cola. This is the typical lunch for most Americans living in the U.S. After they finish eating they return to the office and just go right back to work on their computers, where they are inactive until they finish working. Little do they know that after a while all of this will start to take its toll on their body. With this being said it seems as if the blame for this countrywide epidemic should be thrust upon the restaurants serving these foods, but in reality the blame is on the obese consumers. Consumers are attracted to things that are portrayed and advertised in the media. When you turn on the TV at home after a long day of work, you cannot watch any of your favorite TV shows for longer than fifteen minutes without watching at least one commercial for a hamburger from “Burger King”, or “McDonalds”. This results in consumers going to the advertised restaurants and buying one of the burgers they saw on TV and becoming accustomed to eating this cheap tasty food. The price of this food is what reels-them-in in the beginning, but the taste keeps them coming back for more. After many years of this the consumer gains weight and most of the time becomes obese. When they realize what happened their first reaction is to put the blame for what happened on anyone but themselves. When a person has a craving for a certain food, that craving has the power to deem some people as useless until they satisfy it with the food they are craving. When people go to these fast food restaurants they make a conscious decision to go and eat the food that may very well be the cause for some health issues they may encounter, “The point is we all have a choice to eat and purchase different types of food and we all have the freedom to make good or bad choices” (Fassl). They can always make the choice to not give into their hunger and wait a little while longer to have some healthier food that tastes just as good as the unhealthy food. “today, a quarter-pounder with cheese and supersized fries and Coke- a meal that some kids consider an after-school snack- racks up a whopping 1550 calories”(Motluk 521). Young children become accustomed to eating in this way resulting in them gaining unhealthy amounts of weight. This is only one of the very many causes for the obesity epidemic that we are facing in the U.S. One of the most important aspects to staying healthy and keeping fit is exercise. After eating a calorie dense meal, doctors strongly recommend going on a walk or doing something active to enable your body to digest the food properly and burn some calories too. Most of the people who eat at a “Burger King”, or “McDonalds” on a regular basis usually go back home afterward and watch TV, or go back to work where they sit by a computer all day. This doesn’t allow their bodies to digest the food properly resulting in an excess amount of fat. Most people today have a gym membership that they pay for every month and many of those people never use it. If those who are suffering from obesity really wanted to just get rid of their...
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