Argumentative Essay: Two-Tier Pricing in Effect on Education

Topics: College, Santa Monica, California, The New York Times Pages: 4 (1110 words) Published: February 26, 2013
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Jonathon Ammari
Charlene Parsons
12 March 2012
Two-Tier Pricing in Effect
Have community colleges in California become greedy? Well two-tier pricing has popped this question to students who have been going to community colleges that have this system. Students are taking it as a bad thing and saying phrases such as “’Education is a Right Not just for the Rich’” (Medina). However, students that are arguing about this system are only looking at the flaws instead of the overall outcome this new system is giving to students. Aside from the issues of two-tier pricing, this will help motivate students to do well in school, non-motivated students will be less likely to take up room in classes, and it will provide more of an availability and variety of classes. The issue of two-tier pricing that is causing controversy between the school and students is the money. The main effect of two-tier pricing is that it is going to raise the prices of high demanded classes that almost all students need to graduate or transfer. The high demanded classes are going to range between $600 to $800 depending on the course "Santa Monica College's Two-tier Trap". These high prices result in students who have a low income or are poor will not be able to afford the courses at the community colleges (Medina). Usually low-income students will get financial aid and Cal Grants to help them pay off tuition, but financial aid and Cal

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Grants will not be able to fully pay off tuition, only partial. This happens because “… Cal Grants, which provide financial aid to low- and moderate-income California families, are based on the type of college the students attend. Students at community colleges receive a certain stipend, University of California students another, and so forth.” "Santa Monica College's Two-tier Trap". Even though the issues cause a lot of controversy between the students and the school, the goods that come out of two-tier pricing is...
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