Argument Paper on College Costs

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The cost of college tuition and fees has surged 1,120 percent since records began in 1978.(Ferguson) Soaring tuition and shrinking incomes are making college less and less affordable for people. For millions of young people, rising college costs are putting the American dream on hold, or out of reach. Colleges are always being supported by everyone and have said that it is the best option if want a new job or career. It is getting harder and harder to get into a great college, and high school graduates are getting stuck in low wage jobs and saving money up for school and taking twice the time to finish their schooling on their way into a new career.

The cost of tuition has nearly doubled since the new millenium and is not stopping yet. Students are racking up on loans and aren't being able to afford a 4-year state college even though they have worked all summer and are working part time during the semester to pay for everything. The economy is still very shaky so it's harder on your parents to help you out with the situation at hand. Because of this, two out of three undergrads are coming out of college with debt. They say that college is better in the long run but when you have majored in English Literature and beer pong for four years and come out of college at the same point you were when you went in, then you start to question what it has done for you. They always put out huge and overexagerated statements like "college graduates make 80 percent more than someone with just a high school diploma", which may be true at one point but it doesn't include what percentage of those college graduates will be making 80 percent more than those with only high school diplomas. Now as Thomas Toch stated, "Some schools have even managed to CUT tuition. The University of Massachusetts-Amherst has reduced its tuition and fees by 4.4 percent since 1994, eliminating 28 programs out of 233 - under enrolled disciplines like Russian and plant pathology." (Toch) While this is...
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