Argumentative Essay-Parents Involvement

Topics: Mother, Father, Parent Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Deventae Mooney
English 111
Professor Arnold
12 October 2012
Parental Guidance: It’s Needed
The alarm clock goes off, time to get ready for school. That’s the Monday through Friday routine for most parents and children. Weekends consist of either sleeping in or running errands. A child without a mother or a child without a father struggles throughout their life. It is very important that once parents make the choice to have a child that they realize the responsibilities that they will have upon their child’s arrival. Caring for a child starts from the day it is formed in the wound and never ends. Statistics show that children with both a motherly and fatherly influence are more successful.

Believe it or not drugs are out there and will remain. Teenagers do have access to drugs whether it is through their peers or family members. Studies show that over seventy percent of teenagers have been exposed to alcohol over the past year. Based on the society of the world today is very common that parents expose drugs to their children and in some cases participate in illegal drug activities with them. As children are growing up and they witness their parents dealing drugs, taking drugs, and drinking. All of this is a negative impact on the children and it is very harmful.

A positive impact from parents in a child’s younger days to their transition to adulthood is very important in the way the child performs. Caring for a crying baby after birth is just as important as disciplining a child as a teenager. Studies show that a child that still lives with both parents at the age of fourteen is more likely to graduate college and possibly further their education than a child that comes from a home with a single parent or possibly no parent. As a child starts school a good parent should be very heavily involved in their child’s school activities and should strive to make sure they are successful. When a child is in elementary school attending field trips and having...
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