Argumentative Essay on Dr. Michio Kaku His Question: ” What Is the Likelihood Mankind Will Destroy Itself?”

Topics: Europe, Culture, Kardashev scale Pages: 4 (1202 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Argumentative essay on Dr. Michio Kaku his question:” What is the likelihood mankind will destroy itself?”

The YouTube clip by dr. Michio Kaku starts with a rather interesting question. He asks the audience whether mankind might be likely to destroy itself. He elaborates on elements in favour of self destruction, but also states elements that claim self destruction will be overcome. Self destruction, in fact, will not occur but instead the opposite might be achieved; cultural immortality. He tries to submerge into the brain of the audience and let it think about what will happen to us. This specific question is the fund of this essay. To increase readability of this small essay it is divided into 3 main areas. Firstly, I shall summarize the important aspects of his monologue. These aspects are 2 trends; the first trend concerns the upcoming of a planetary society*. The second trend focuses on a contradicting phenomenon, namely the need to maintain culture at any cost and segregation from other cultures(the words society, culture and civilization are used as synonyms in this essay). Secondly I will state whether I agree with dr. Kakus’beliefs, and why I (dis) agree. Thirdly and finally I will relate my answer to dr. Michio Kaku’s question ” What is the likelihood mankind will destroy itself?” .

1. Important aspects of his monologue
During his monologue dr.Michio Kaku elaborates on 2 important trends. The first one concerns the upcoming of a multi-cultural civilization. The other trend is about the incontrollable desire to preserve and maintain a culture. Unification of civilizations, commonly known as globalization, means different cultures get in touch with each other. How does a culture react to another? Bluntly said cultures will eventually react either hostile or in a friendly manner, depending on cultural similarities. Multi-cultural means cultures have a multilateral influence on each other, which they accept, to understand and expand each...
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