Taronga & 2012

Topics: Taronga, Michael Jackson, The Jackson 5 Pages: 2 (796 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Victor Kelleher’s Taronga and Roland Emmerich’s 2012 reveals to the reader and viewer what could happen if there was a nuclear holocaust or destruction of our environment. We get a clear illustration of man’s reaction in times of devastation. Though both are fictitious we are affected by the chilling possibility of it becoming a reality. The destruction that can result is clearly shown in Taronga where a nuclear holocaust destroys most of the population and circumstances have reduced the majority of humanity to the level of animals, or perhaps worse than animals. This is seen when Greg bullies and uses Ben’s gift to find food and when Ellie upset by Molly’s cruelty, tells Ben “ If Molly can kill a poor defenseless woman for no reason, when there’s not even any pressure on her, what will she do if one day she’s threatened? Ask yourself that, Ben. What will she do then?” and finally when Ellie tells Steve “you’re worse then Raja!” because Steve was planning to throw Ben out to the lions as food. The devastating result of the world coming to an end is clearly shown in 2012, as the world starts to turn to volcanic rock destroying most of the population. The people who are still alive are trying to fight for survival; we start to see the ugly side of people. For example Yuri uses Jackson and his family to get to the big arks the government had built but Yuri knew that you needed a special pass from the government and he only had 3 for him and his sons so he leaves his girlfriend and the rest of the passengers who have helped him to fend for themselves. The men who worked in the ark found themselves locked out by the Captain who never had the intention of including them. The devastation of the effects of nuclear radiation to the environment means that the survivors have little chance of existing but the will to survive holds strong. In Taronga Australia has become a harsh place, no one can be trusted, people are desperate for food or whatever they can get....
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