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Topics: Dress code, Uniform, High school Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: May 31, 2013
Argumentative/Final Draft
Over the past few years, many schools have been contemplating whether or not they should enforce a mandatory uniform or dress code. Schools have held meetings addressing this idea and even taken votes from the students and parents regarding the option of uniforms. This is an extremely controversial issue; some say uniforms would be beneficial to students while others argue that they would take away from the students’ individuality. Personally, I can say from experience that uniforms are the way to go. I have attended private school for my elementary and high school years, where uniform were required. Wearing uniforms comes with many benefits. School uniforms allow the students’ personality and character to stand out, they eliminates pressure, and save money. Many people dislike the idea of wearing uniforms because they believe that clothes reflect personality. These people consider a standardized dress code to be an infringement of the students’ character. They think when students wear uniforms everyone looks identical, which does not allow their personality to come through. From my experience of being in a private school where all the students wore uniforms, I can say that the exact opposite is true. By removing the external factors, uniforms actually bring out the students personality. In schools where anything can be worn, the students are summed-up by their externals; clothes and wealth. A student can have a great personality and amazing character, but they will not shine because their clothes are not impressive enough. On the other hand, if everyone would be wearing the same dress code, that same student can be the star because other people would start to see his/her internal; character and personality. In addition, schools that enforce uniforms or dress codes are eliminating the peer pressure the students will have. Schools that allow anything to be worn are creating potential peer pressure and jealousy one student will have...
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