Argumentative Essay

Topics: Management, Business, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Mediterranean school of business|
Argumentative Essay|
Seifeddine Souid|

What extra class should MSB offer outside of the business domain?|

The Mediterranean School of Business offer a License program which represents a unique opportunity for ambitious graduates wanting to acquire, in a multi-cultural environment, managerial skills and leadership opening their professional horizons internationally. The curriculum that MSB made, has a diversified and coherent business Curriculum in which you found from analytic subjects such as Math I & II, Business Statistics, Accounting and so on, to Soft skills subjects like Management and Leadership Development and Human Resources Management and also gives classes about new innovative technologies such MIS I & II, and to complete their well selected choices, the faculty choose 3 extra business subjects to add diversification which are Psychology, sociology and American History & Society. But still I think that it is not enough or let’s say we can improve it by adding another extra business domain subject which Art class. Art class are taught in all big business schools around the world, and it is so because art class has a lot of attributes, such developing many skills such as imagination, creativity and innovative & critical thinking, and gives the students a different way to express themselves, and at the end it is a way of entertainment. So art develop imagination, and as Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, because without imagination none of the technologies surrounding us which allowed me to write and print this paper would exist if humans didn’t imagined them before, so imagination is a tool that will help us as student to be Creative, and creativity is a primary key to succeed in the business field so in a way it develop tools and skills that are related to business. Art also develop the innovative and critical thinking of the...
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