Are You Experienced?

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  • Published : March 23, 2013
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Are you Experienced?
by William Sutcliffe
Author:William Sutcliffe was born in London on 9 March 1971 and grew up in Harrow, a north west London suburb. He attended the Haberdashers´ Aske´s School in Elstree (a school for boys) for 7 years and then he studied at Cambridge University. There he was a member of Cambridge Footlights, a well known performance group that mounts several shows a year.After graduation Sutcliffe worked as a television researcher for divers independent production companies based variously in West London, Soho and Cardiff. Two of the characters in his third novel, The Love Hexagon (2000), are television researchers, and the explanation of their careers may reflect the author's own experience. He also worked as a tour guide, taking American teenagers around continental Europe. Sutcliffe wrote four novels:He started his career with a novel about school life entitled “New Boy”(1996). It has much authentic material in it that refers to actual incidents from his life at Haberdashers´.He went on with “Are You Experienced”(1997), The Love Hexagon”(2000) and“Whatever Makes You Happy”(2008). Plot:David is a nineteen-years-old student and love Liz. They have already had almost sex as well. He is going to travel to India with her because Dave hopes he can get her into bed in India. But the big problem is that Liz is James´ girlfriend, Dave´s best mate. James went to the Himalayas to hike there in the mountains and Liz was alone in London. Dave just came from Switzerland back and because everyone of their friends went out or had to studied they met very often. This was the time when our hero fell in love with Liz. She told him that she wants to go to India and asked David whether he wants to go with her. He was sure that this was the chance to get her in love with him and said “yes”. They planned everyday there tour, most of the time until late night and so it came that David slept at Liz´ apartment. One night she said to Dave that she needs a...
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