Are Steroids Ruining Professional Sports?

Topics: Home run, Sammy Sosa, Home Run Derby Pages: 2 (725 words) Published: March 18, 2011
In today’s society there are many things that are unsavory and due to cheating scandals, professional sports can be added to that list. I disagree with the opinion expressed by Stephen Dubner in the New York Times article, Is Cheating Good For Sports? Although Dubner presents his reader with a question, as you read his article, it becomes clear that he believes the American public enjoys the prospect of detecting cheating, almost as much as they enjoy the actual game. Dubner refers to it as a detective element within the game. I can see why Dubner might be inclined to believe this added component is benefiting professional sports, however, I disagree that the American public enjoys, or condones cheating of any sort. Cheating taints the game and creates distractions that ultimately hurt the popularity and integrity of professional sports. There have been cheating controversies in most sports lately. Steroid usage is a widespread problem. This form of “cheating” has left a generation of parents cautioning their children about idolizing sports stars as good role models. I think this hurts the game. Shouldn’t sports be about sacrifice, dedication and promoting the game? Professional sports should represent the American ideals of “Practice makes perfect” and “ Hard work pays off..” They should not teach the stars of tomorrow - “Its all good as long as you don’t get caught.” Sports are about healthy lifestyle choices, not the use of illegal drugs. Are these professional athletes so far removed from the local junkie? Can children discriminate between fine points of illegal drug usage? How can anyone believe that cheating will not have a negative impact on any team, player or sport it touches? Baseball started in 1876 with eight teams consisting of the Boston Red Stockings, Chicago White Stockings, Cincinnati Red Legs, Hartford Dark Blues, Louisville Grays, Philadelphia Athletics, Brooklyn Mutuals and St. Louis Browns ( When the game was created,...
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