Are Robots Beneficial for the Society?

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Modern-day society currently owes its well-being thanks to advanced machines capable of undertaking tasks that would either be impossible for a human being to fulfil or it would take him a long time to accomplish. Machines are faster, more accurate, tireless and uncomplaining. Either if we realize it or not, robots play a key role in making our daily lives easier and better. From mass-production in industry, to cutting edge precision within the medical field, robots are nowadays capable of tremendously more than their former ancestors. As technology developed, artificial intelligence has been used to make robots more capable of serving people in much more diverse areas and better than ever before. Scientists are interested in robotics because they represent the key to future medicine, warfare, economy and wellbeing. Because their importance within society cannot be ignored, we will try to find out how robots influence society and their impact on our daily lives. Medical sector

Once robots were introduced in the medical sector they rapidly started improving sub-fields such as surgery. The first robots-assisted surgery took place in 1985 when PUMA 520 was used to perform a neurological biopsy. Since then robot-assisted surgery has constantly perfected as better machines were slowly built and doctors got better in operating them. Robots are able to perform major operations while only making small incisions. Thus patients can benefit immensely if the operation succeeds. The benefits are less-trauma, fewer infections, decreased healing time and a faster release from hospital. Dangerous, dirty and toxic environments

Another purpose for developing robots was to release people from having to work in dangerous, dirty or toxic environments. An example of such a robot is ANATROLLER ARI-1000, a modular robots used for cleaning toxic environments. Robots are frequently used to clean the toxic and tight places that make up, for example, a building’s duct work. Such places can be inaccessible to a human worker and could take several hours to clean. Primarily robots were used to clean in the industrial and institutional sectors since they could do the work faster and keep people safe from hazardous chemicals. High-security institutions such as prisons also depend on these robot cleaners since they can clean without disturbing security measures. In countries such as Canada it is compulsory that such duct cleaning robots exist to clean hospitals or government buildings that work with hazardous chemicals (i.e. nuclear reactors). Special robots were also developed to explore dangerous and inaccessible environments such as a volcano. The CMU Field Robotics Center (FRC) developed Dante II a walking robots which was used to explore the Mt. Spurr volcano (Alaska) in 1994. Dante was able to descend down the crater walls and take samples from the crater floor while withstanding high temperatures. The expedition was a success and demonstrated that it is possible to send robots in harsh environments for research purposes. This was probably also a reply to the 1993 accident in which eight volcanologists were killed in two different events while sampling and monitoring volcanoes. As we have just seen above robots can play a hedge role in protecting human lives as well as gathering scientific information from environments that are otherwise too dangerous. Exploration

During the cold war countries such as the United States and Russia raced to be the first country that conquers space. This constituted the beginning of the space exploration era. The deployment of space probes into space was made in order to obtain more knowledge about the Solar System. Most of the unmanned probes ever launched are considered to be robots, starting with the Russian probe Luna 9 launched in 1966 and continuing with the Voyager and Galileo probes. These types of robots are very important to human kind since they have been the key to understanding the Solar System...
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