Are Parents the Best Teacher?

Topics: Consciousness, Parent, English-language films Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Apparently,in most cases the earliest teachers people have are their parents,and parents are normally most concerned about the development of their children.However,it is not exactly true to say that parents are the best teacher. First of all,not all parents are good teachers.As normal individuals,some parents more or less have some bad habits.Although parents almost instinctively devote themselves to cultivating their offspring,the result might turn out to be disappointment.For all their children,tend to unconsciously or consciously copy everything including bad ones from their parents.Another deficiency of parents as teachers is the fact that most parents are lack of common senses of education.All too often we observe some parents tend to pursue their cherished but failed dream by forcing their children to develop in a prearranged direction.Ironically,when their children do not follow the instructions,the children will be regarded as disobedient or allegedly rebellious.In fact,It is parents rather than their children that virtually disobey common senses. Moreover,some parents are qualified as good teachers,but not all of them are the best ones.We live in a world where knowledge is accumulated by multiplying and at the same time becomes more and more specialized.Therefore,to be a professional in a certain field today takes much longer time than has ever been before.No parent is able to be professional in a fields though they might be experts in one or more fields.Wise parents often release rather than charge their children as early as possible,they are aware of the possibility outside the family.Parents may,nevertheless,help their children much more than do good teachers.Most parts of children education are virtually beyond teachers’ reaches.It is parents that supplement.Psychology studies have shown their children.Albeit Einstein’s mother and that of Forest Gump are both good examples.On the other hand,parents might do their children harm more than do bad...
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