Are Mother Better Parents Than Men

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English IV-3
2 November 2012

“Parenting: Are Women better parents than Men”

A mother is the definition of someone who feeds, cares and nurtures and protects. A mother will go to extreme measures to make sure her young are safe were as fathers they are looked as a role model and are the bread makers of the family. In my opinion mothers are better at parenting then men because the woman carries the child for 9 months and during those months the mother and her child create a strong bond were as fathers have shorter patience with children and also they are tougher with their young. Women are more flexible and are known to have a soft heart than men were as men spend most of their time working to bring money to feed his family. Although fathers are sometimes considered better parents by some, mothers are better parents because the mother is the one who listens, protects and nurtures the child whereas the father protects and disciplines and brings money in to support the family. In many societies mothers are the ones who are destined to the caregivers to their children. Many households have both parents working; some are single parent families, adoptive or widowed families. Mother’s are the ones who naturally show emotion more than a man, a man keeps their feelings to themselves and also children tend to go to their mothers more because their mother are the ones who spend most of their time with them. Studies show that children are more important to their mothers then they are their fathers because mothers are more dedicated

to their children. Women are the ones who take care of their children, clean the house and perhaps go to work during some of the day were as the man only goes to work and once they get home they relax instead of helping with the caretaking of their children. Men plays a society rule where they are expected to support the family and protect were as women also play a society rule where they are expected to take care of their children....
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