Are Mobile Phones a Necessity?

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  • Published : May 31, 2011
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Mobile phones take a big part in our lifes nowadays. Although they are very useful, some people are beginning to ask if they are good for us or we really need them. In my opinion, we can’t talk about an easy life without mobile phone. In the first place, as their reason to be invented, we can connect with other people whenever and wherever we want. We can send messages to people and sometimes it can be very important. Especially at deathlines your saviors are mobile phones. Furthermore, as technology is improved, we can do more than just sending messages or talking with someone with mobile phones. We can save our files, listen music and we can connect to internet. We can receive and share a lot of things. And mobile phones’ cameras are very improved, we can catch very good scenes from life… Nevertheles, there are so many people who say that mobile phones are making our lifes “short”. I mean mobile phones have a weak point: Radition. As many doctors say, mobile phones spread radition, which can be very dangerous for human life. Also, people say that mobile phones kill face to face relationship, basically people do not go to see their relatives, just call them. All in all, despite their weak points, mobile phones are making the life easier. I believe in future radition problem will be solved and mobiles phones will be exactly safe. And we have not to forget this: People make inventions good or bad…
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