Cell Phones: Advantages and Disadvantages

Topics: Benazir Bhutto, Mobile phone, Pakistan Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: April 21, 2011
Advantages and disadvantages of Cell Phones

It is for a fact that having a mobile phone now a days is a sort of a necessity and it is an inevitable truth that mobile industry is taking everyone by a storm. From the very basic thing of making a call to texting, and now internet access for just a touch of your finger tips. There are millions of mobile phone users. The mobile phone usage is beneficial and at the same time the usage can also be useless and have certain disadvantages.

Advantages include: It keeps you in constant contact with people you consider important. It can help you seek help immediately during emergency cases. Its a sense of being financially uplifted. Through mobile phones you can lessen your boredom, example listen to your favorite music and as well as watching movies through downloading. It can take photos. To keep in touch with people regardless of where they are. Mobile phones also give us easier access on the internet. You can carry it anywhere. It has a lot of useful function like calendar, making notes, alarm clock, timer and calculator. No doubt, our mobile phones makes our life more convenient, but as the saying goes every technology has it's equal negative side and mobile phones are not so especial to be exempted.

It is expensive. People spend less time bonding with their family and friends. People just contact through phone and became too lazy meeting outside. People disturb others on our works and studies. People spend lots and lots of money buying the latest models and as a result money is being wasted for nothing. It affects our body because of radiation it produces. It can be easily broken. Mobile phone makes it easier to invade privacy.

Cell phones have both advantages and disadvantages. It is dependent of the person that how would he use phones. For a good user mobile phones are good and for a bad user it is bad.

Benazir Bhutto

Benazir Bhuttto is a great leader and politician of Pakistan. She was elected Prime...
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