Are Humans Good or Evil

Topics: Morality, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Domestic violence Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Are Humans Born Good or Evil?

Are humans born good or evil? Most would say that humans are born evil due to our selfishness and even sometimes, ruthlessness towards each other, but in my opinion, humans are good by nature. I believe that humans are good because it is our nature to help and support each other in times of needs. Another reason why I support the fact that we are good is that when we are left alone, we are peaceful by ourselves , but as we are introduced to a society, certain things affects us and causes us to change. Even if people do evil things such as committing crimes and such, if you compare that number with the rest of the population who does not engage in vile actions, you’ll see that more than half or almost everyone in the world prefers a more peaceful world, therefore humans are good.

People tend to help each other out even when a person doesn’t request for one. When we were young, most of us wanted to become doctors, policemen, and firefighters, and the reason for this is because we wanted to help others, this shows that we were born pure and good by nature. A diverse group of researchers from Harvard and Yale University conducted a new set of studies that gave out evidence whether humans are good or evil by nature. Their study was focused on our first instincts, to either act selfishly or cooperatively, which was also based on intuition and reflection. Throughout the study, whether it was intuition or reflection, both studies resulted in humans cooperating with each other, which show that it is our nature to aid each other in any type of situation. Even when were young, our first initial thought about others was to help them, as we grow older, it may change a little, but our actions stills show that we like to help each other out, therefore I believe that we are good by nature

Jean Jacques Rousseau stated that man was naturally peaceful, but as they begin to live with each other in groups, selfishness, culture war, affection,...
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