Are Decisions Made or Enforced?

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  • Published : April 27, 2006
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Are Decisions Made or Enforced?
By: Mohsan Syed

Should teenagers be given the opportunity to make their own decisions? Every parent wants his child to succeed in life. According to most parents nowadays, success means being powerful and rich. But it does not necessarily mean that being powerful and rich can make a persons life joyful. Adolescents are not given the opportunity to choose the career paths they wish to follow to build up their future. In some cases, adolescents have an agreement with their parents regarding their future career path. However, in other cases, there is a significant dissent. Parental pressure on children to follow a certain career path takes away their desire for learning. Thus, it is reasonable to revolt against parental pressure to follow a career path because you should have the freedom to choose the field that you are good in, and have interest in, which guarantees your better achievement in goals and, promising future workplace to be more satisfying and enjoyable. While on the other hand, brings individualism in the person.

Rebellious actions against parents' decisions for education may lead to harsh consequences, but it allows you to choose a more desirable field. Learning can be done more easily since you learn what you find interesting. Students that are forced to learn something that is not related to their interests most likely do not pay attention to what they are taught. As a result, the students do not achieve satisfying marks in subjects they don't have an interest in. An example of that would be a person who is forced by his parents to take Biology, but is interested in Computers; the person will not achieve good grades because it is a field that is not of his choice. On the other hand, if the person was not forced, he would go for the computer field, and pay attention and learn more since he likes the field. Rebelling against your parents for your career path gives you a better future life.

Another reason why...
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