Why Goals Are Important to Me

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Kathleen Cush
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September 27, 2009
Why Goals are Important to Me
In this generation many people living life by the moment. This is not always a bad thing, but they do not understand how this decision will crucially affect their future. Teenagers are very much influenced by the media these days and many assume they will be just fine even if they have no goals to succeed in their future. I believe goals play a very big role, whether they are a teenager’s or an aged adult. Goals are what give us momentum to keep pressing on for the future, and if you live by your goals, you can succeed.

What is a goal? A goal is defined as the result or achievement toward which effort is directed. I have made the decision to put as much effort as possible to complete my goals. Personal goals are most important. They are what other goals should be built around. It is very important to me that I always stay on my feet. I always want to be able to stand up for what is right and never become a follower. I know in order to do this I have to surround myself with the right groups of people. This goal of mine will require me to be a stronger person so that I can be balanced and successful with my other goals that I have made.

In order to be balanced with all of my goals, I have to give an equal amount of effort in all of them. I may not find academics as interesting, but I know if I slack off in school it will affect my professional career in the future. A year from now I plan on transferring to LSU to major in fashion design and merchandising. Fashion has always been a passion of mine and I would like to pursue a career with it in the future. I know it will take a lot of dedication from me this year in order to get all of my hours, but I know it will be worth it for my future goals.

The decisions I make now are really what will affect my professional...
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