Arabs, Tuarego in Mali Face Hostility Discrimination as Islamists Flee Northern Cities

Topics: Mali, Human rights, Armed forces Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: March 3, 2013
It can sometimes be very difficult to understand many of the challenges people in countries such as Africa are facing today. In Mali many of the citizens who are perceived as Tuareg and Arab are in fear of their lives. Why? Because their skin tone is the same as many of the Islamic groups who took over the country. The fear of retaliation is so great that many hide inside their homes and wait. (Today, 2013) Chaos and upheaval are nothing new to Mali. Mob lynching’s, executions and looting are some of the concerns facing Mali. This latest conflict began one year ago when fighting between Tuareg rebels and government forces broke out. As a result rebel Islamists took control of the area. The rebels ruled for 10 months causing thousands to flee their homes. (United Nations New Centre, 2013) France was called in to help Mali and the thousands of people who were displaced. In as little as 2 weeks the French military successfully removed the fighters of Al Qaeda in The Islamic Maghreb. It is customary to focus on the military and its success/failure and forget about the humans left behind. Mali was already a poor country. The war has left behind fear, food shortages and drought. Many people are now forced to seek shelter with their families in order to make ends meet. Bawba Mint Baba Ahmed explains how it is now necessary for her to live with her mother and 2 sisters in order to survive. (Larsen, 2013) The women are responsible for their own well-being and ultimately want to be able to enjoy many of the opportunities we take for granted such as walking down the street. As reports of human rights violations by the Malian military come to light UN Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide Adama Dieng replied “I am deeply disturbed by reports of violence committed by the army and by reports the armed forces have recruiting and arming proxy militia groups to instigate attacks against particular ethnic and national groups in northern Mali.” (Larsen,...
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