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Awkward turtle closest description can be launched to that seen in the movement of Arabisation in our time of very slow it is unable to play its cultural and civilizational paving the phenomenon of widespread foreign languages ​​among the Arabs in the Arab World and make them grow alarmingly. Before delving into this issue has to be that we come to define Arabization first Valtrib term joint, multi-meanings knew Lexicon San Arabs as a source of Arabs and Arab area any hand of the melody and the Arabization name foreigner refers is that utter the Arabs on the curriculum and in the intermediary dictionary localization means dye word dye Arab when transfer foreign Blfezha to Arabic. Translation is considered one of the meanings of Arabization and a stronger and liquid is transferred texts from foreign languages ​​into Arabic and is thus term Arabization going out here to the meaning of the translation. And devise the above definitions that the strategic meaning of Time is now: to be Arabic language of science and action, thought and administration, feeling, and this is what we are about. The movement began Arabization in the Arab world in the era of the modern Arab renaissance in the early nineteenth century have contributed to this movement in enriching Arab culture long after hibernate linguistic and intellectual, cultural and contributed posts Jabara in the march of Arab liberation from colonialism and its effects, including effects of language and had a role Arabic language academies in some Arab countries active role in this movement as it was to some linguists and translation at the time workers such as Ahmed Fares Deacon Peter Gardener and other large contributions in this movement. Today, the localization movement is suffering from what looks like a clinical death and what it demonstrates the bitter reality through which the Arabic language today and we are trying to be summed up despite the gravity of these points: * For educational level has eliminated...
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