Arabian Oud

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1. Executive Summary

The following research paper focuses on the brand awareness of Arabian Oud, a perfume retailer from Saudi Arabia to help them identify and define marketing strategies to penetrate the United Kingdom perfume market. It primarily tries to understand and evaluate various parameters of decision making like importance of brand attributes, reasons to try new perfumes, occasions on which perfumes highly preferred and the role of age, income and ethnicity group whilst purchasing a perfume. The necessary data was collected by randomly interviewing 120 respondents with the help of questionnaires. The information collected from the surveys was processed using various statistical techniques with the help of SPSS software which included the correlation test, t-test, ANNOVA, and cross tabulation.

The research paper is designed in a chronological order beginning with the company background and industry overview followed by research methodology used to accomplish research aim and objective. The paper further continues with explaining various data collection techniques practiced and interpretation of the findings after processing of the available collected data. The paper concludes with reflecting the research limitation and recommendation.

2. Background – Arabian Oud

Arabian Oud is one of the largest Arabian fragrance retailers in the world, specialising in essence and oil perfumes. The company has more than 3,700 employees serving customers across over 50 cities and 30 countries in the world. It was established in 1982 with a devotion to quality and perfection in the art of perfumery(Arabian oud,2010).

Moreover in each store there are two levels dedicated to retail business. The lower level of the gallery is reserved for VIP clients only while the ground level offers selections for the other clients. The company has a retail chain of 560 stores worldwide selling over 200 luxurious and unique fragrances(Arabian oud,2010). . In addition to that, the company has a unique strategy for each store to create differences and to attract people’s attention; for example in the UK-based stores have ten fragrances exclusive to the London region(Marina2008).

The uniqueness of Arabian Oud products is achieved by the commitment to reduce chemical levels and increasing levels of natural perfumery. What is more, the creative spirit of Arabian Oud is continuing beyond the stage of perfume creation. However, Exceptional efforts are used during the packaging design stage. Therefore, packages are created to satisfy the clients’ expectation of luxury perfume. Arabian Oud’s name based on the Agarwood tree; which is the natural base for many of the Arabian Oud perfumes. It is one of the most expensive fragrant raw materials in the world(Arabian oud,2010).

1. Arabian Oud in London

In 2002 the company launched the opening of its first UK flagship store on Oxford Street; which cost the company around £2.5 million. In just three years other branch was introduced in central London situated on Edgware Road. In these stores the company has more than 25 employees dedicated to provide a professional service. The decision to have a branch in the UK is not only for trade purpose. The Arabian Oud brand reflects heritage and originality. Therefore, Arabian Oud does not only market a product; it advertises part of Middle Eastern culture and tradition (Arabian oud,2010). Furthermore, Arabian Oud is the first Arabian company which is a member of the Fragrance Foundation UK. “It is also the first and only Arabian company to be registered in the Michael Edwards Fragrances of the World book” (Marina2008).

2. Brand awareness of the company

It looks that the duty free shops can help the brand awareness of the company as there are demand to this location. After the Arabian oud successes in 2007 at Dubai Duty Free, the company is launching a franchising programmers into all the main international airport's such...
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