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Topics: Protest, Woman's Christian Temperance Union, World War II Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Daniel Um Period 4
Women were definitely a part in the economic, political, and social changes of the progressive era. These individuals who wanted more rights for females were able to achieve this after making organizations and being tenacious while protesting.

One example of how women were a part in the social changes of the progressive era was how women were able to receive higher education and more of a variety of careers. Alice Paul and the Women’s Christian Temperance Union helped make this possible by making organized rallies and protests. Women also worked in jobs that helped America win the first world war (despite the fact that its cause may not be justifiable) by helping manufacture weapons and other materials that were necessary. This enabled more men to fight at the war while the women stayed in the country and helped support them. Some women even snuck into the army to help America in the war, and helped carry materials around that were essential for the soldiers on the battlefield.

Women were a part of the economic changes during the progressive era by supporting protest groups who rallied against economic inequalities and trusts. They did not do much significant actions to carry these economic changes, but were a part of them nevertheless. Since women were able to receive more jobs and education, they would be able to go into careers that are related to the finances, and help support the economy in the U.S.

Women were also a part of the political changes of the progressive era by finally receiving the right to vote after many years of rallying and protesting via numerous organizations. By gaining the right to vote, women were now able to be a part of choosing who the next leader of their country would be, thus having an impact on the country’s future in social, economic, and political fields.

In conclusion, women were definitely a part of the social, economic, and political changes in the progressive era, even...
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