Applying Decision Making Skills

Topics: Bond, Ethics, Audit Pages: 2 (721 words) Published: April 11, 2013

Applying Decision-Making Skills
Wayne Lambeth
ACC 260
December 2, 2012
Ms. Donna Adams

The following assignment is designed to evaluate an ethical dilemma in this particular case. This case involves Mr. Albert Gable who is a CPA and there are several factors that need to be evaluated. This evaluation will include the description of the dilemma, the events that led to the dilemma, and the possible solution to the dilemma. The stakeholders in this case are loan officer of the bank and Mrs. Wilson. This case would affect each of the stakeholders with the dilemmas that are presented. Mr. Gable was hired by the Wilson’s to prepare a financial plan. During this time Mr. Gable was asked to perform periodic audits on random accounts within the bank. While performing the random audits, Mr. Gable came across the Wilson’s bank account. Since he has preparing the Wilson’s financial plan, Mr. Gable realized that the information provided in the bank account was different from the personal information he received from the Wilson’s. Noticing this, Mr. Gable then proceeded to inform the loan officer that information that is shown is different than the information he received while preparing their financial plan. The loan officer then suggests to Mr. Gable that Mr. Wilson is preparing to get all of his financials in order without including Mrs. Wilson who he plans to leave her without any money at all. The loan officer also suggested that Mr. Gable keep quiet about this since there is not any proof to support his theory and it was labeled as locker room ethics. The dilemma that is present is that should Mr. Gable inform the Wilson’s on what he has come across or should he remain quiet. He is conflicted because in his own personal issues since he has to pay for his daughter’s tuition and the Wilson account would assist him in paying the tuition. Mr. Gable should inform the Wilson’s of what he has...
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