Applied Ethics

Topics: Human, Morality, Science Pages: 4 (1539 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Applied Ethics

“Is it morally impermissible to use animals medically for human sake?”

To begin with, we have to point out that under which situation is permissible to use animals for human sake. We believe we can only use animals when it exerts constructive and affirmative influence to human beings which means it might save lives and enhance the quality of living on a general basis and most importantly, when there is no existing alternative. Using animals medically for human sake is morally permissible and justified and will be illustrated in a moment.

Even though we do agree that animals have moral sense and value like Frey’s view “animals have moral standing and so are members of the moral community and . . . their lives have value.” , we still think it is morally permissible to use animals for experimentation. Nowadays, human is the one that dominant and the main character in the world, therefore we agree Frey’s view “human lives, on average, have “a higher value than the lives of most animals.” Although animals also have the moral standing and value, the life of human is more important than animals in our common sense. It is impossible for human to use human in the experimentation when there is other creature similar to human body structure. Also, the reason of using animals in experimentation is to explore new medical methods to enhance the living standard of human life. It is contradictive to require human not to use animals instead of human in the experimentation. Under this circumstance, using animals for medical purpose is acceptable. However, when using animals, human must consider animals’ suffer during the experimentation, human need to do as much as possible to reduce animals’ suffer in order to respect animals’ sacrifice. Nevertheless, Frey’s view that because of human arrogance, therefore human think they are superior to animals and use animals medically for human sake is not reasonable. The reason of human using animals in...
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