Application of Mobile Device Technology in Baccalaureate Nursing Education

Topics: Nursing, Decision theory, Clinical decision support system Pages: 7 (2312 words) Published: March 21, 2012
Application of Mobile Device Technology in Baccalaureate Nursing Education: Implementing and Evaluation of Advanced Solutions to Enhance Decision Making Joan Perl

Developing a successful educational tool to maintain clinical decision support is contingent upon overcoming faculty concerns prior to system development and implementation. Specifically, incorporation of necessary faculty training to address issues to increase faculty knowledge and skills, and encouraging integration of information technology (IT) skills within the nursing curriculum must be given careful consideration. Encouraging integration of IT skills is one of the Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform (TIGER) Initiatives. Progression of the TIGER Agenda created and comprised at the TIGER Summit, is essential for launching and enabling “practicing nurses and nursing students to fully engage in healthcare’s emerging digital era” (Sensmeier, 2007, p. 2). Examples of advanced solutions for enhancing decision making includes technological tools such as, an electronic medical record (EMR) as well a mobile device. In addition to the electronic medical record, integration of medical technology includes providing the best electronic resources to students and practitioners striving to achieve the highest quality care, increase accuracy and productivity, decrease medical errors and integrate evidence into nursing care. The incorporation of electronic clinical decision support into the daily practice of caring for patients should be the standard of care for practicing RNs, with initial exposure coming in the basic educational program.  Quick access to healthcare information supports clinical decision making and validates optimal practice( Muench, 2008). Integration of electronic clinical decision support into the daily practice of caring for patients will enhance optimal outcomes for all stakeholders. There are a variety of proven methods that can accomplish integration of clinical decision support into practice anywhere, at any time. However, there still remains the challenge of identifying creative access methods to reach clinicians.  Every venue of care--from busy urban emergency department to the rural healthcare settings-- need to utilize evidence based data to enhance the care and well-being of everyone involved. A mobile device educational program for all faculty and students is proposed to transform a technological and informatics gap within the school’s curriculum.  The mobile device program is unique among hand held devices traditionally utilized in educational programs in that it incorporates multiple functions on a single platform with data transfer capability.   Is will be utilized in didactic courses, labs and clinical practice.   The mobile device provides 5 integrated clinical and educational features: * An electronic clinical reference tool with the software bundle containing a clinical laboratory/diagnostic reference book, a medication reference book, a medical dictionary, nursing process and a disease and disorders text, access to evidence-based references, and a linking tool that integrates all the resources with one another. These references can be updated daily throughout the student’s enrollment via a site license. * A means to accesses school email and the school’s course management system  allowing students to download course assignments, simulation lab videos, and lecture  material; * A classroom course-response device which allows students to communicate feedback on lecture content in real time and to answer in-class quizzes electronically * An electronic clinical journal function allowing students to document their clinical experience with  a  patient (transmitted via WiFi to faculty for review) and this mobile device based journal assists faculty in developing student’s basic documentation skills in preparation for using electronic medical record (EMR) charting utilized by area hospitals. The...
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