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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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“PDRC” - people have their own specific way of describing it. Some discuss it as non-profitable organization or a platform for the talented student where they can endure their talents, whereas some might say it as organization full of opportunities but for me, it is a “CATALYST”. Like in chemistry the catalyst is a substance which fastens the reaction without taking part in the reaction. PDRC is an organization that catalyses students especially from the marginalized group by proper guidelines and facilities. My journey with PDRC began in 2010 A.D, it was then when I first came to PDRC with my father in search of the catalyst. I grew up with dream to become a doctor. I was science student in my high school. With time the passion to become a doctor turned into my obsession. One year after my high schooling, all my friends started with something. Some went for business whereas some for media and what not. But, I was still there working and waiting to start up my career with my childhood dream. One day something unusual happened. I got a call from PDRC saying that I have been nominated as a possible candidate for the program called NESA UGRAD. That was not the final decision however I was in shocked because I always had this inferiority complex. I went to meet the program manager Mr. Rup Sunar and went through the counseling. The program impressed me. For a while I kept my dream aside thinking this would be a life time achievement. Even if I be a doctor, I would be an experienced doctor.
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