Nursing Application Essay

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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“To me the distinguishing characteristic of professional nursing is clinical thinking, every patient, whether well, getting sick, being sick or getting well has the right to a nurse who by virtue of this clinical thinking, manages the nursing care and is accountable for that care.” It would be a blessing to be a student of a prestigious program that was founded by the honorable late Ms. Dorothy M. Smith. Her aspiration and dedication to the program to feed and educate hungry minds is phenomenal. Being a former biology major, I was never enthusiastic as I am being a nursing major. Nurses are the glue that holds hospitals, clinics and nursing homes together. Desiring a Bachelor of Sciences in nursing, I plan to hold a position as a RN. Furthermore, I will continue my education to gain a doctorate in nursing. Attending University of Florida’s nursing program to achieve my career goals is a dream of an aspiring nurse. With the University of Florida’s academic standing, student involvement, comfortable environment and cheerful staff, being a part of the program is a beneficial plus. Entering college, my goal was to graduate with a Bachelor in biology and then attend medical school, to pursue a career as a pediatrician. However, a few complications arouse and that goal was short-lived. I am always told; never give up, on yourself and your dreams. Itching for the need to stay in the medical field, I decided on nursing. Deciding to get both my bachelors and masters rather than only my bachelor was the best decision I made. I decided on becoming a Neonatal Nurse Practioner. My career goal will not be achieved easily. It is a guaranteed package of gray hair, sweat, stress, gallons of Starbucks and dreams of my bed. I can be certain that I will be pushed to my limit to become the best nurse I am capable of being so that I am able to care for my patients the best way that I can. Previously having attended University of Florida, there was not a day I regretted saying yes...
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