Apple Report: Global Strategy Analysis

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II.External analysis2
1.Macro-environmental analysis2
2.Industry analysis3
3.Opportunities and Threats4
3.1 Opportunities4
3.2 Threats4
III.Internal analysis4
1.Value chain4
2.Resources and competencies5
4.Strength and Weakness6
4.1 Strength6
4.2 Weakness6
IV.Issues and challenges6
V.The selection of strategic options7
1.Apple’s generic strategy7
2.Strategic options8
3.The resources needed to implement the strategy chosen9
Appendix A13
Appendix B14

I. Introduction
Apple, a small business set up by 2 friends in family garage, has become the world most profitable electronic device incorporation in 2011 since its revenue and profit are 108.249 billion US dollar and 25.922 billion US dollar respectively (Fortune, 2011). Apple and its subsidiaries involve in designing, manufacturing and selling a range of personal computers (iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook…), smartphones (iPhone) and personal media players (iPod) as well as related software (Mac OS), services (iTunes and Apps store…) , peripheral devices and other supporting products (Marino, 2012). Due to the ceaselessly pursuing strategy of appealed industrial design combining with incessant innovation, Apple’s products always have distinct places in market compared to other competitors’ products in a same industry. Moreover, through the inspiration and leading of Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple, it has become the statue of creativity not only in electronic device manufacturing industry, one of the fastest developing industries, but also on the whole world. In the scope of this report, a deep analysis on the successful strategy of Apple Inc. will be conducted by looking thoroughly in external and internal factors that can influence apple’s business along with the apple’s resources and competencies which contribute to its success as well as the critical strategic choices. II. External analysis

In order to carefully analyze a strategy of a specific company, it is essential to understand the outside and inside environment of the industry in which that company participates. Because the word numbers of this report is limited, so this analysis just focus on smartphone industry which is one out three industries that Apple is investing in. 1. Macro-environmental analysis

* Political factor
Almost electronic manufacturers place their manufactories and assembled factories in low-salary countries, especially in China (MarketLine, 2012). Therefore, a tiny adjustment in labor or basic salary policy could cause a significant effect to incorporations involving in this industry. * Economic factor

According to Marketline report about global mobile phone market, the growing in sales revenue of this industry fell into 1.9% during the crisis period compared to 3.3% in 2007 and...
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