Apple Inc.

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Apple Case
1. What were Apple’s competitive advantages?
Apple was a hip alternative to other computer brands. It supported a plug-and-play peripheral, offered a cutting-edge, tightly integrated user experience. The Apple Mac Pro had a sleek metal case and featured high-end graphics capability. Apple had attractive design factors, enabled ease of use, had high security and was high-quality bundled software. 2. Analyze the dynamics of the PC industry. Are these dynamics favorable or problematic for Apple? The PC industry is highly competitive and these dynamics are problematic for Apple because the emerging global PC market could potentially hurt Apple in the long run. Price is a key driver in purchases these days and PC’s are significantly cheaper than Apple computer products. 3. Has Steve Jobs finally solved Apple’s long-standing problems with respect to the Macintosh business? I think Steve Jobs has solved the main points of Apple’s long-standing problems. Before Steve Jobs, the Mac was not compatible with Microsoft products, which was widely used by businessmen. It also did not use the common USB port. After Steve took initiative to fix those problems and close the gap between Apple and Wintel competitors, the market share rose which is a sign of success. 4. The iPod-iTunes business has been a spectacular success. Has Jobs found a new formula to create sustainable competitive advantage for Apple? I think Steve Jobs has found a new formula to create sustainable competitive advantage for Apple. There is synergy with the iPod and iTunes and also the iPhone and Macs. This allows for convenience for customers. It is seen as a cool gadget for young people and is also comparable in price with competitors. Its biggest advantage is that the iPod has a large content store that other competitors do not have. 5. How would you assess Apple’s initial strategy for the iPhone? Why did Apple change so quickly to a different strategy? Initially, Apple had the iPhone...
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