Appendix E

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Appendix E

Strategies for Gathering and Evaluating Sources
Source| What makes the source credible or what does not make it credible? Consider the following when addressing the source:What is the author’s affiliation to any organization related to the subject of the article? Does he or she have an ulterior motive? * What is the author’s experience with the subject, including academic or professional credentials related to the subject of the source article? Does she or he have what it takes to understand the complexities of the subject? * Does this article report on information that the author experienced personally, or is it a summary or retelling of information from other sources? How close is the author to the actual information? * Is the information current? When was the information published or last updated? Might there be resources with more current information? * In general, does the information in the source article match the information found in other sources? Or is the information different or unique? Can this information be confirmed by more sources than just this one? * Does the source make any claims without having evidence to support them?| Explain in at least two to four sentences what information you can gather from this source?Some information that I can gather from this source is that it’s going to explain some ways of healthy eating. People can manage their weight more if they start eating the right way.| Source name| | This source points out different ways to maintain a healthy life. It also shows what kinds of things a person can do to eat healthier.| Source name| | In this source it explains how you can eat the foods you want but still remain a healthy lifestyle. Exercising and keeping your blood flowing will keep your body in tack.| Source name| | It shows different tips on how to make meals that are good...
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