Apparel Industry of Sweden

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Table of Contents
Part 1A3
The Fashion Product/Brand3
Choosing a Target Market4
Competitive Climate4
Product Image/Positioning Chart5
Part 1B – Country Scan of Sweden6
Apparel Industry Overview6
Apparel Consumption Patterns7
Population Overview9
Level of Development10
Commercial Transportation11
Market Receptivity13
Total Exports13
Total Imports17
World Trade Organization23
Country Risks26
Intellectual Property Rights29
Why not to do Business in Sweden30
Sustainability & Fair Trade31
Culture and People33
Geert Hofstede Cultural Dimensions33
Works Cited38

Part 1A

The Fashion Product/Brand

The company that we chose to bring to Sweden is Canadian supermarket clothing company, Joe Fresh. We chose this company due to the bright, lively colors, classic silhouettes and low costs of the garments in the line. This resonates well with what we learned about Sweden in our country scan; it is not how much something costs, but rather how the wearer carries the garments off. If the clothing is worn with style and elegance, the wearer is much more respected in Sweden than if they pile on the name brands and logos to appear wealthy or stylish. Less is more in Sweden, and we feel like the simplicity of the clothing in the Joe Fresh line could really find success in a country like Sweden. In the Joe Fresh collection, there are pops of trendy, edgy and classic, which can all be mixed together to create the perfect Swedish styled outfit. Some examples from the Joe Fresh that we feel would resonate with the Swedish public include tweed skirts, colored blouses, colored denim and printed sweaters. These products can be marketed as they already have been in Canada; the advertisements are bold and basic, an already successful kind of advertising in Sweden. H&M advertisements, which are obviously successful in their home country of Sweden, are very similar to Joe Fresh advertisements in that they focus on the clothing and not the background. They link all their advertisements by having a white background, drawing main focus to the clothing. Simplicity is key in both the fashion itself and the advertisements for the Swedish public. Overindulgence is a turn-off for the market that we are looking to target for the new Swedish Joe Fresh line. Choosing a Target Market

The target market that we are looking at for Joe Fresh are women, especially those aged approximately 18 to 34. She is obviously fashion-conscious, and enjoys wearing trendy clothing, but still makes it her own. She can be a student or a career woman, as the lower price point of the Joe Fresh collection allows for everyone to be able to afford the line. She does have a certain amount of expendable income, to fund her changing style. Joe Fresh would fit into her lifestyle due to the affordability of the clothing, the versatility of the pieces to change into many different styles, and the attractiveness and adaptability of the clothes themselves into a Swedish lifestyle.

Competitive Climate

Modern fashion in Sweden is full of new and innovative designers and labels successfully marketing fashionable clothing for a low price, making Joe Fresh a viable competitor in the Swedish fashion market. The Swedes pride themselves in properly presenting themselves, the practicality and trendy appeal of Joe clothing will certainly attract the attention of the consumers within the market. Their main competitor H&M has been established in Sweden for many years, the new and exciting look offered by Joe Fresh will begin to build their client base, and their attention to quality and the needs of the consumers will maintain their position within the market. Furthermore, Clothing is one of Swedens top key imports according to the trade commissioner. Product Image/Positioning Chart

When we analyze the position of Joe Fresh entering the Swedish market compared...
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