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Topics: Hinduism, Religion, Vishnu Pages: 2 (408 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Christina Boyd
APOL 104 Online
December 14, 2012

Critical Thinking Assignment

Part I - Analysis of Humanism

Origin- Most Hindu’s believe there is sufficient evidence to support the biologica evolution theory. In India even the God-fearing people believe in this. The classical origin of humans however is different. Hindu’s originally believed that the god Brahma, with help from Vishnu and Shiva performed the act of ‘creation’. More specifically “propagating life within the universe”. The also believe that Vishnu and Shiva are respectively responsible for preservation and destruction of the universe. Identity- Classically most believe that Brahma is the one true creator. They have no actual absolutes in their religion however. They worship many god’s and in many cases ten avitars. They don’t concern themselves with the god’s they worship though. They concern themselves with the rituals and rites they choose to follow.

Meaning- Hinduism teaches that there are four primary goals for life. They are pleasure, wealth, harmony, and liberation. One person can never attain all four goals at the same time though. They are constantly at war with each other. If one persues pleasure and wealth it consumes them but if they persue harmony and liberation they are fulfilled. Their concept of salvation is called moksha. This is the release from the endless cycle of wanting, desiring, and craving. Central Hinduism is based on abandoning the first two goals of pleasure and wealth and achieving the latter two, harmony and liberation.

Morality- Hindu’s have a two prong belief system concerning life. First is sin and evil are both illusions and second is time is cyclical. They feel that since evil is just a void they have to spend their life fighting anything that can be related to the illusion. They think that if you do not overcome the illusion of evil you are destined to return to your life to try again. This cycle will repeat itself until this goal is achieved....
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