Apllication of Orem's Selfcare Theory: Selfcare Deficit Theory in Community Health

Topics: Nursing, Health care, Health Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: April 11, 2011
Application of Orem’s Self Care & Self Care Deficit Theory in Community Health

Practicing a healthy lifestyle should be the central focal point for every individual. With every person of the society aiming to be healthy, the whole community will be healthy as well. Self-care plays an important element when discussing healthy lifestyle. According to Orem, self-care composed all activities that an individual initiates himself to ensure his health and well-being (Current Nursing, 2011). These activities may range from taking physical care by ensuring sufficient intake of air, food, water, elimination, to taking care of mental health by creating a balance between rest time and activity (Aponte & Nickitas, 2007). However, when an individual fails to take care of his well being on his own behalf and needs medical assistance, this signifies as self care deficit. Self-care deficit paved the way for various nursing theories and highlights the importance of the role that nurses play in the community. Orem (Alligood & Tomey, 2006, p. 255) states that “nursing is a helping service and its goal is to overcome human limitations and to make certain that the patient is provided with assistance to cope up with his illness or injury until he recovers from it.” When an individual demonstrates inability to cope up with his physical or mental instability, nursing renders him the required assistance, methods, and techniques. The nurse comes into the picture helping that individual to attain his optimum level of health. Orem identifies five methods for the nurse to help the patient in the community. These methods include acting or doing for patient, guiding the patient, supporting one another, providing an environment to promote personal development and providing health teaching (Current Nursing, 2011). According to Iqbal (2010) “Orem’s theory starts with the preventive element of self care, highlights the role of nurses after self care deficit occurs and extends that...
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