Apes Ecological Footprint Lab

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APES Ecological Footprint Lab

In the Ecological footprint lab I had learned that my family uses a lot of resources, goods and etc. In some parts of the calculations for the ecological footprint my family would either use less and in some parts of the footprint my family would use more of. That my ecological footprint is 5.6 hectares. 5.6 hectares is about 14 acres. Just for the goods, housing, food, transportation, services and waste my family is spending about 56,285. My ecological footprint is high, and my family, including me should not be using as much items, or spending money on waste, when we do not have to. Exactly what is an ecological footprint?

An ecological footprint is the amount of biologically productive land and water needed to supply an area with resources and to absorb the wastes and pollution produced by such resource use. It is an estimate of the average environmental impact of individuals in a given country or area. The per capita ecological footprint is the average ecological footprint of an individual in an area. Humanity’s ecological footprint exceeds by about 39% of the earth’s ecological capacity to replenish its renewable resources and to absorb the resulting waste products and pollution. With the United States the footprint per person or hectares per person is 9.7. Way over of what we are suppose to be using, when a country’s ecological footprint is larger than its ecological capacity, it is using and degrading its cropland, forest, etc. With my family, were using 5.6 hectares which is almost half of what other people are using. When a country depletes its natural capital, it must either suffer the harmful environmental consequences or import food and other resources from other countries and export its pollutants and wastes to global atmosphere, oceans, and rivers that run through several countries. There are also some other developed countries like ours.

Developed countries are countries that have a high level of development...
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