Apes Ch 3 Vocab

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Vocabulary Terms to Know Chapter 3

• Ecosystem- A particular location on Earth distinguished by its mix of interacting biotic and abiotic components. • Producers/ Autotrophs-organisms that use the energy of the Sun to produce usable forms of energy • photosynthesis- the process by which producers use solar energy to convert CO2 and water into glucose. • cellular respiration- the process by which cells convert glucose and oxygen into energy, carbon dioxide, and water. • Consumers/ Heterotrophs- An organism that must obtain its energy by consuming other organisms • primary consumers-an individual incapable of photosynthesis; must obtain energy by consuming other organisms • secondary consumers-a carnivore that eats primary consumers • tertiary consumers-a carnivore that eats secondary consumers • trophic levels-levels in yhe feeding structure of organisms. Higher trophic levels consume organisms from lower trophic levels • food chain- The sequence of consumption from producers through tertiary consumers. • food web- A complex model of energy and matter move between trophic levels. • Scavengers-a carnivore that consumes dead animals

• Detritivores- an organism that specializes in breaking down dead tissues and waste products into smaller particles. • Decomposers- Fungi or bacteria that recycle nutrients from dead tissues and wastes back into the ecosystem. • gross primary productivity (GPP)- The total amount of solar energy that producers in an ecosystem capture via photosynthesis over a given amount of time. • net primary productivity (NPP)-the energy captured by producers in an ecosystem minusthe energy the producers respire • Biomass- The total mass of living matter in a specific area. • standing crop

• Ecological efficiency- The proportion of consumed energy • trophic pyramid
• Biosphere- The region of our planet where life resides, the combination of all ecosystems on...
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