Apes Ch 2 Checkpoints

Topics: Energy, Thermodynamics, Water Pages: 4 (903 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Chapter 2 Checkpoints
Name: Amy Kunduru
Checkpoint 2.1
1. What is an environmental system?
It is a set of interacting components connected in such a way that a change in one part of the system affects the other parts.

Name some examples.
The Mono Lake is a small example. This ocean is another example.

2. How do systems vary in scale, and how does a large system include a smaller system? Large systems would be an interaction between smaller systems. A fish by itself is a system. The same fish interacting with another fish species would be another system. Another system is the fish plus the current of the ocean, and the largest system would be all the fishes, the ocean, and the human activities interfering with the ocean. The smaller systems are making up the larger.

3. What are the largest systems in the Mono Lake ecosystem? The largest system consists of the lake and the species that live in or by the lake along with the birds that pray on the species living in the lake.

What are some examples of smaller systems within that system? The smaller systems: the shrimp, the birds, the shrimp + the birds, etc.

Checkpoint 2.2
4. What are the three types of chemical bonds?
The three types are covalent, ionic, and hydrogen bonds.

5. What are the unique properties of water?
Water has high surface tension. It also has capillary action, high boing point and the ability to dissolve many different substances.

In what ways do these properties make life possible on Earth? The surface tension of water can hold up ice which is good since that helps the liquid water from freezing. The boing and freezing points are perfect for earth temperatures because it keeps water a liquid, other elements like hydrogen sulfide would be in a gaseous state according to earth’s temperatures.

6. What are the four types of biological molecules, and how do they differ from one another? The four types of biological molecules are...
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