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Topics: Food safety, Adulterant, Food industry Pages: 4 (1182 words) Published: May 14, 2013
A report regarding a proposed amendment of certain sections of the Bangladesh Pure Food Ordinance, 1959
(Ordinance No. LXVIII of 1959).


Adulteration of foodstuffs is an act of dishonest tradesmen who intend to make maximum profit from minimum investment. Random manufacture of adulterated foodstuffs unsuitable for human consumption led to a resolve to combat this trend in order to maintain a standard of purity for the preservation of public health. The legal philosophy for protection of the consumers from intake of adulterated food articles resulted in the inclusion of some provisions in the Penal Code, 1860 (Act No. XLV of 1860) making adulteration of food or drink and sale of noxious food or drink punishable under sections 272, 273,274,275 and 276 of the said Code.

The provisions of the penal Code could not, however, effectively control the trend of manufacture and sale of adulterated foodstuff. In subsequent years, widespread evil of food adulteration began to threaten public health. With a view to protecting consumers from the menacing effect of adulterated food articles, Pure Food Ordinance, 1959 (Ordinance No. LXVIII of 1959) was promulgated in 1959. Law Commission in 2006 submitted a report along with draft bill recommending enhancement of punishment prescribed in sections 272, 273,274,275 and 276 of the Penal Code, 1860. The said recommendation is reiterated hereby.

Adulteration of food articles is an offence under the Pure Food Ordinance, 1959 providing minor penalties of different kinds. Taking advantage of such minor penalties the unscrupulous traders started mixing injurious materials with almost every food articles like fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, flour etc. which necessitated an amendment of the Pure Food Ordinance, 1959 in 2005 by the Bangladesh Pure Food (Amendment) Act, 2005 widening definition of adulteration and the scope of the law and also enhancing the punishment of the offences. Alarming increase...
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