Apa Guide: Code of Ethics

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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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All advertisers have an obligation to follow a code of ethics. The code of ethics gives guidance on what can or cannot be done. This is presented through values, standard, and principles that are created as a guide of conduct. This code should be relevant to all however the Internet has some unique issues that other media do not. Even though we are all single individuals we know how are decisions can affect our lives. Internet advertisers also have to be held responsible for their content. This report will discuss the ethical influences and ethical issues regarding Internet advertising. I will also present my code of ethics for Internet Advertisers. Through references and examples I will discuss the need to conduct ourselves online in relationship with consumers in a fair, honest, and forthright manner. How does Ethics Influence Internet Advertising?

Technology in Internet advertising has strongly grown in business both locally and globally. The Internet industry is always providing new opportunities as well as challenges for business. The constant is that businesses still need to conduct themselves in an ethical manner when dealing with consumers. Internet advertisers should behave in ethical manners because if they do not they will lose business. Ethical business practices will attract loyal customers for future business. The end

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