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MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. ______ 1) How was the global trade network of the 15th century different from that of previous eras? A) Trade prior to the 15th century was limited to the Western Hemisphere. B) In previous eras, most attention was given to the development of larger regional economies and cultural zones, rather than a truly global network. C) There was no trade between civilizations prior to the 15th century. D) Trade in previous eras was almost entirely in the hands of the West. E) It was controlled by the Chinese due to their naval presence in the Indian Ocean.

______ 2) Which of the following was one of the first new areas brought into the global commercial network after 1450? A) Scandinavia
B) Ming China
C) Asia Minor
D) The Americas
E) Eastern Africa

______ 3) The initiative for Western exploration and conquest came from the kingdom of A) Portugal.
B) Venice.
C) Sicily.
D) Spain.
E) France.

______ 4) Why did the initiative in early conquest and exploration pass to northern European nations in the later 16th century? A) The Spanish defeat of the English Armada cut England off from further advances in Europe and forced English attention to foreign conquest. B) Spain and Portugal were defeated in a critical war with the Ottoman Empire. C) Conquered nations rose up against Spain and Portugal, requiring large forces to suppress them. D) The Dutch and the British improved the design of oceanic vessels, producing faster ships than their Catholic rivals. E) Famine and disease disastrously reduced the population of the Iberian peninsula after 1588.

______ 5) In what region of the world did the Dutch challenge the Portuguese for commercial dominance? A) Scandinavia
B) Brazil
C) Mesoamerica
D) Indonesia
E) India

______ 6) In what way were the early Dutch and British exploration and trade projects different from those of the Iberian nations? A) The Dutch and British operated joint explorations in the names of both governments while Portugal and Spain competed in the competition for conquest. B) The expeditions of Spain and Portugal did not enjoy government support. C) The Dutch and British projects were financed with banking capital from Italy and the Florentines. D) Dutch and British exploration owed much to private initiative of merchant groups and the formation of chartered trading companies. E) Dutch and British exploratory expeditions were independent of their respective governments.

______ 7) As part of the "Colombian Exchange," which of the following was a European contribution to the Americas? A) Corn
B) Raw materials
C) Potatoes
D) Bullion
E) Horses

______ 8) Which of the following was NOT a crop imported into Europe as a result of the "Colombian Exchange"? A) Millet
B) Squash
C) Tobacco
D) Corn
E) Potatoes

______ 9) What was the impact of the introduction of American crops into Europe? A) Fungi introduced to Europe along with American crops led to a severe decline in agricultural productivity. B) Plantation agriculture fueled by slave labor became the norm in European agricultural systems. C) Most Europeans rejected the new foods as uncivilized and began to import rice from China. D) The introduction of corn and the potato led to major population growth in Europe. E) Although American crops were introduced around the world by European traders, they were not adopted in Europe itself.

______ 10) Which of the following statements best accounts for the Spanish failure to hold a position of dominance in world trade? A) The Spanish withdrew voluntarily from the race for world trade dominance and established a policy of international isolation. B) The Catholic church that dominated Spanish society argued against the establishment of a commercial mentality in...
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