American Imperialism: the Consequences

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His: 204 American History Since 1865

American Imperialism

The world today suffers the consequences of nineteenth-century imperialism. Although Imperialism has been decreased to an extent, it is still strong today. The United States became an imperialist nation at the end of the 19th century because Americans wanted to expand overseas with their belief in manifest destiny. “Since the 1840’s expansionists had spoken of a manifest destiny to overspread the North American continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific” (Davison, Delay, Heyrman, Lytle, & Stoff, 2008, p 611). The Industrial revolution was the ammunition for Imperialism which thrived during the 19th century. Imperialism alleviated the hunger for wealth desired by the western world and thereby; forming the modern world through partitions and wars.

The event of Spain’s crisis made American’s turn the focus of expanding abroad and overseas. Thus bringing American imperialism to fruition- this influenced political and military contention creating a strong naval force, economic competition with other industrial nations (Great Britain Belgium, & France) and lastly, acceptance in the cultural prestige for the people of Anglo-Saxon decent. Although industrialization, brought forth the expansion of railroads and irrigation systems it also had negative effects- disease, famine and war. Trading with international events had its advantages but it also inflicted pressure for undeveloped countries.

In or about 1914 Western civilization reached the climax of its long abiding world expansion. The first influence was economic expansion. The European’s monetary investment abroad, including railroads, mines, factories and public utilities made American’s question their conquest. The world trade grew at a mind boggling rate. For example “Entrepreneurs such a Minor Keith and his Tropical Fruit Company …constructed a railroad in Costa Rica and begun importing banana’s from Central America”...
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