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  • Published: April 27, 2011
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AP Euro
Mr. Anderson/ Mr. Charboneau
DBQ – Point of View assignment

Directions:Read the following DBQ questions and documents, paying special attention to the document source information (author, time, place, political and/or religious affiliation, etc.). For each document write a possible point of view statement about the author. Remember, P.O.V. is NOT the author’s opinion, but rather a possible reason why the author may hold that opinion. Point of view can sometimes be seen as the author’s bias. A simple formula for P.O.V. is:

What + Motive = Point of View, where “What” is the type of document, author’s background (social, political, religious, economic, etc.), the time period, country or place, etc. and “Motive” is the reason why the author might have that opinion.

This assignment is worth 60 points (4 points each).

A. Analyze attitudes toward and responses to “the poor” in Europe between approximately 1450 and 1700.

Document #1
Source: Catholic priest, sermon, France, fifteenth century

Whoever gives a penny to the poor for God while in good health, it will be worth 240 pennies after [his or her] death. To give a penny in sickness is worth 20 pennies. To bequeath money after death, that is worth a leaden penny, because there is no great value in giving what one cannot hold on to.

Document #2
Source: Town council, resolution, Dijon, France, 1482

In order to care for the poor begging creatures and the poor children who go shrieking at night throughout this city, we will rent at the city’s cost a barn or other place to put them for the night and to care for them as well as possible.

Document #3
Source: Juan Luis Vives, Spanish humanist, On Assistance to the Poor, Bruges, Spanish Netherlands, 1526.

When the general funds have been expended, those without means of subsistence are driven to robbery in the city and on the highways; others commit theft stealthily. Women of eligible years...
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