Anthropology: the Exploration of Human Diversity

Topics: Anthropology, Sociology, Social sciences Pages: 3 (774 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Readings # 2 Conrad Kottak (2000). Anthropology: the exploration of human diversity

It is the coverage of physical anthropology and archaeology, which serves to make Kottak one of the most balanced introductions to the four fields of anthropology. This text offers an introduction to the five subdisciplines of anthropology: cultural, physical, archaeological, anthropological linguistics and applied anthropology. To reflect the role of anthropology in today's world, Professor Kottak has revised both the content and the organization of the text in a way which gives the students a balanced introduction to anthropology and its relevance. The special theme of this edition is "Preserving Cultural Diversity in the Face of Globalization". Two new chapters - "Ethnicity and Ethnic Relations" and "Cultural Exchange and Survival" - explore the significance of the demise of the Soviet Union and world-wide ethnic conflicts, as well as multiculturalism in the US and Canada, and cultural survival globally. "In-the-news" boxes describe recent discoveries on relevant topics that are attracting public attention. Kottak emphasizes why anthropology should matter to students and how students can use anthropology to better understand themselves. "Bringing It All Together" essays found on the online learning center demonstrate the integrated and comparative nature of anthropology. New "Through the Eyes of Others" essays offer the perspectives of foreign students and recent graduates who present their own cultures of origin in contrast with contemporary American culture. Thought-provoking questions now begin each chapter to highlight key themes and spark discussions and critical thinking. Contemporary anthropological research is often, formally or unformally, team research. Forces of change are too pervasive and complex to be understood fully by a “Tone ethnographer”- a researcher who starts from scratch and works alone for a limited period of time and who view his or her field site...
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