Anthropology (Cultural)

Topics: Primate, Paleolithic, Human Pages: 4 (850 words) Published: January 19, 2013
Anth 1131 Fall (201230)Term Project

Outline and Synopsis (Due in class Sept 20th, 2022)

Content, Form and Format:

A) Outline

1) Use MLA format (available from the Reference desk in the Library)

2) Standard font, black on white, minimum 10 font (12 IS PREFERRED)

3) All pages must have your name on them and be numbered in the bottom, right corner, and stapled together.

4) Outline may be done in point form

• Please keep it to no more than 250 words

• State your research question(s)

• Tell me how you will approach (attack) the question(s)

• Which perspective/stance will you take

• Don’t stress over this….this is to help you get your thoughts moving and organized

B) Synopsis

1) You will be synthesizing the contents of 10 (ten) peer reviewed journal articles which you intend to use as part, or all, of your research for your term project. The Library Research Skills workshop on Sep 11th (Rm L108, 10:30 am) will help you get started with how to find good articles, and how to determine if something is “peer reviewed”.

This does not mean that your term project is limited to only 10 sources. If you find additional sources which you see as being complimentary to the discussion/argument you are building then, by all means, go ahead and use more than 10 references. But, for this section of the assignment I only want to read ten synopses. Ten sources should provide you with a very good base to start from.

2) Each synopsis will consist of no more than 100-150 words. (Please place a word count after each entry). Use the format as listed above. Each synopsis (entry) will be headed by the citation for the article. The preferred format is as follows:


2006Pagel, M., C. Vendetti, and A. Meade

Large punctuational contribution of speciation to evolutionary divergence at the molecular level. Science 314:119-121.

• This format is what you will use...
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