Antenatal Health Care

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  • Published: February 21, 2012
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There are 4 components of antenatal care:-
* Booking at first visit
* Routine check-up antenatally
* Investigation done during antenatal
* Further check up by the doctor and specialist if it a complicated pregnancy

Booking at first visit
1. Urine pregnancy test is done to confirm the pregnancy
2. History taking is done regarding:
* Current complains
* Previous pregnancy
* Gynecological history and etc
3. Medical investigations done during first booking are:
* Urine : look for albumin and glucose
* Hemoglobin level
* Blood grouping(ABO) and Rhesus
* Veneral disease Research Laboratory(VDRL): to screen for syphilis * Rapid HIV test
* Measure height, weight and BMI
* Record Blood Pressure (BP)
* Complete Physical Examination is done
* Antenatal Book is issued with the appropriate colour coding

Tagging/colour Coding of Material Health Care Record Book
There are 4 colour coding:
* White:mother can deliver in hospital/home without specialist * Green:seen by Medical Officer (MO) or Housemanship Officer * Yellow: seen by obstetrical and Gynecological specialist * Red:refer to hospital immediately

Colour coding system which includes:
White Coding I – Deliver in the hospital
* Primigravida
* Age <18 or >40
* Gravid 6 and above
* Height <145cm
* Single mother
* Unsuitable housing conditions
White coding II – Deliver at home or hospital
* Gravida 2-5
* No past obstetrics complication
* No past medical history
* Height >145cm
* Age >18 and <40
* Good family support
* POA > 37 weeks and <41 weeks
* Estimated fetal weight >2kg and <3.5kg

Green coding – Refer to medical officer
* Rhesus Negative
* Weight during booking <45 kg
* Currently having medical problems except DM and HPT
* Previous gynecological history
* History of...
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