Anorexia: Models That Died

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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Models that died from Anorexia Nervosa and eating disorders
Ana Carolina Reston
She was young, happy and beautiful. She was successful in her modelling career, walking runways all over the world, in various fashion weeks. Her downward spiral into the pit of anorexia began in 2004, in China. She was told that she was ‘too fat’ despite being of a healthy weight and height for a working model. Her weight plummeted to 40kg, making her Body Mass Index (BMI) an unhealthy 13.4. On the 14th of November 2006, she passed away from complications due to kidney failure that was a result of her eating disorder. She was only 21, and her modelling career had only just begun. After her death, the fashion industry was only more aware of the severity of anorexia among models. It made the fashion industry go under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Three models had already died from eating disorders that came from the pressure of the ‘need’ to be thin. The fashion industry was proving to be lethal. After her death, London decided on the ban that stops underweight models from walking the runway when they had previously suggested a softer, more educational approach. Luisel Ramos

Her death was the most traumatising for the fashion industry. Luisel Ramos was a Uruguayan model that was only just starting her career. She stepped off the runway in Madrid Fashion Week in 2006, and suffered from heart failure. She was reportedly going through a diet of nothing but Diet Coke and lettuce leaves. Her death sparked immediate controversy in the fashion industry about models being too thin. Madrid responded by placing a ban, a ban that stops any underweight model from walking on the runways that year; a ban that would remove thirty per-cent of all the models walking the runway. But she was only the first of many models to die from anorexia. That move put the spotlight on London. After all, not as many people watched Madrid Fashion Week compared to London’s. People were waiting to see...
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